About Trikke Tech Inc.

Trikke Tech, Inc. is the world leader in 3-point cambering vehicles for commercial and recreational use, fitness, and personal transportation. Since 2000, Trikke has sold hundreds of thousands of vehicles that utilize its patented cambering technology to enthusiasts worldwide.

Trikke is based in Santa Barbara County, California. All of Trikke’s designs originate from its California headquarters. Here, all of the Trikke electric vehicles are assembled and test driven prior to sale. Enthusiasts rave about how Trikke vehicles have made their lives better; ever grateful for their enthusiasm, we strive to keep them excited with improvements and refinements to our vehicles.

About Trikke Light Electric Vehicles

Trikke Light Electric Vehicles are very easy to use and operate for all ages!

An intuitive and comfortable ride thanks to the patented three-wheel cambering (leaning) design. The front hub motor propels you to speeds of up to 16mph on the flats(48v model) and lithium ion power supply gets you up to 24 miles on a charge (48v model).

“Flowing, exhilarating all body-movement that provides an excellent workout yet can feel as effortless as flying. The bird’s eye view of the standing position is quite fun and comfortable, including for overweight folk who finds the seated bike position irritating.” Los Angeles Times

“It’s an enormous amount of fun.” Time Magazine

“The Trikke LEV’s big point-of-difference is actually that it’s so easy to ride.” Gizmag